On this page, I will list all the different essential oils that I have available and the benefits of using them. Use this list to help you choose what kind of bath bomb to buy. Keep in mind that if you have any serious medical condition, don't rely on essential oils to treat it. Make sure they don't interfere with any medication you are taking. 

Bergamot - Antidepressant, deodorant, antibiotic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, sedative, antiseptic, analgesic

Clary Sage - Increase circulation, relieves insomnia, relieves menstrual discomfort, stress reliever, antibiotic, reduces skin inflamation

Clove Bud - Aids in digestion, pain relief, relieves nausea, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, arthritis pain

Eucalyptus - Helps relieve congestion, coughs, and sinus issues, as well as joint pain and hot flashes

Grapefruit - Antibacterial, uplifting, soothing, helps with stress, increases circulation, lowers inflammation, increases mental focus, reduces headaches, helps heal adrenal fatigue, antidepressant, fights acne

Lavender - Calms and relaxes, can help provide a better and more restful night's sleep, relieves muscle tension and headaches, helps reduce stress

Lemon - Detox, uplifts mood, balances pH levels

Lemongrass - aids tendonitis, nerve pain, muscle aches, antiperspirant 

Orange - antibacterial, increase circulation, anti-inflammatory, pain reducer, lifts mood, vitamin C protects and heals skin, slows rate of skin damage from pollution and toxicity, fights acne

Patchouli - Antidepressant, reduce inflammation, prevents infection such as athletes foot, aids digestion, stimulates hormones to increase libido, strengthens hair and skin, reduce insomnia, deodorant

Peppermint - Helps relieve respiratory issues and congestion, aids in acid reflux and digestive pain, soothes headaches and reduces fevers

Rosemary - Anti-fungal, antibacterial, pain relief, stress reliever, increases circulation, helps concentration, calms adrenal fatigue, improves memory

Tea Tree - congestion, dandruff & lice, stimulant, expectorant, fungicide, antiseptic, acne treatment, helps toenail fungus, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, dry skin, flea bites, muscle aches and pains, sciatica, sunburn

Ylang Ylang - Antispasmodic, regulates heartbeat, anti-inflammatory, anxiety, depression, hair loss, hypertension

Fragrances: These have no benefits other than smelling awesome!








Honeydew Melon





Pumpkin Cream




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