Q - What the heck is a bath bomb?
A - A bath bomb is a little ball of heaven! It's made of baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, coconut oil, and essential oils or fragrances. Each essential oil has its benefit to you, make sure you use ones that would suit you best. Use a lavender one right before bed if you need help sleeping. Use an orange grapefruit one if you need a little energy. We even have one that helps with anxiety. The fragrance ones are just for fun and smell nice. 
Baking soda helps detox your body, and the coconut oil leaves your skin amazingly soft. 

Q - How long do bath bombs last?
A - Unwrapped, bath bombs last about 3 weeks. They last longer if they are wrapped or kept in an airtight container. The chemicals start to oxidize when exposed to air and higher humidity. Fresher bath bombs will fizz faster that "older" bath bombs. If you wait too long to use them, they might not even fizz! 

Q - Are they safe for kids and/or pregnant women?
A - Yep! They are made with all natural ingredients. The only reason not to use with kids is the bath bombs are made with coconut oil, and can stay on the skin. Making them not feel as "clean" as you'd like them to be after a bath. Pregnant women should always be cautious with hot baths, and if they are sensitive to smells, the essential oils in the bath bombs might be a little strong. 

Q - Are your bath bombs allergy friendly? 
A - All of the bath bombs are currently made with organic coconut oil. We do make them out of our home kitchen and do our best to keep them away from other nut oils and butter. 

Q- Will it stain my tub?
A - Nope! We try not to use too much colorant in the bath bombs, if it does leave a color ring around your tub it will wipe clean with a warm wash cloth.

Q - How much is shipping?
A - Shipping is free on all orders over $75.  Shipping on orders under $75 will vary by weight.